Earl's Carolina BBQ

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A recipe unchanged for over 40 years, cooked low and slow with just a hint of smoke, hand chopped and mixed with just the right amount of Earl's secret vinegar based sauce...the blue ribbon original taste of eastern NC barbecue.

It starts with a premium slab of beef and a generous lathering of Earl's signature rub! Then, hickory wood is burned slow over 14 hours blending it's flavorful smoke with the tasty juices of this Earl's original. Layered in a fresh bun for an Earl's slider or stacked on a plate with a side of au jus. 


Slow smoked brisket

all beef hot dogs

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Earl's Carolina BBQ!


When the need arose to serve a small eastern North Carolina community some forty years ago, Alvin Earl (known around those parts as just Earl) answered the call. He created an original barbecue recipe and gathered the community around his cooker to enjoy a better flavor to an old Carolina tradition. And before long, with happy stomachs and a desire for service, the community raised enough money to put together it's first volunteer fire department. To Earl, his recipe was a whole lot more than ingredients on a piece of paper, it was about friends, neighbors and a whole lot of good eatin'. He knew he had something special, so he safeguarded his recipe which remains a secret today to all except for his son Danny Earl who has brought the flavor north to the hills of Virginia! Now operating as a mobile food truck and catering service in and around Lynchburg, Earl's recipe continues to bring friends, family and neighbors together who all share the same common interest...the delicious flavor of original Carolina barbecue! Call or e-mail us today and we'd love to let you try for yourself why Earl always said it's "The way barbecue's supposed to taste!". 

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"The Way Barbecue's Supposed to Taste!"

An Earl's favorite! An all beef frank cradled in a fresh bun topped with Earl's original barbecue, savory cole slaw and finished with Earl's sweet and spicy red sauce.

No by products in this frank! Just an all beef dog cooked to perfection and made anyway you want...we highly recommend the chili!

Delicious flavors in every bite. Meat is tender and melts in your mouth. Both sauces are delish. Can't eat just one!! Best BBQ I've had”



“True Carolina style. Great original sauce, too. Moist, falls apart...delicious. Great sides. Never a disappointment”


Original pork Barbecue


The "q" dog

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