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Earl's Carolina BBQ Is a mobile food truck and catering business based in the Lynchburg, VA area. We've brought the authentic taste of real eastern Carolina pork barbecue to the Hill City and beyond with Earl's secret family recipe. 

The Earl's BBQ recipe started with Alvin Earl Heath, known to everyone back home as "Earl", just outside of New Bern, NC. Raised in the flatlands of Eastern Carolina from a very modest background, Earl and a group of community members felt the calling to serve their friends and neighbors in the eastern rural area of Craven County by founding the Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department. Earl and the crew knew they had to have the community's help and strong support, and what better way than to offer an authentic cuisine in the heart of barbecue country! So, the secret sauce was developed, the grills were fired up, and the community came together to realize the vision of a valuable public service which still operates today. 

Fire Chief Earl Heath decided to take his barbecue to area festivals up against the fiercest competition and the most unforgiving critics...Carolinians raised on barbecue. This is where Earl's recipe rose from the roadside of Craven County to the Blue Ribbon winner it is today! The secret of the flavor is truly in the sauce! 

Earl passed this recipe on to his son Danny Earl, who, carrying on the tradition and the name, has brought the recipe north to the hills of Virginia. Some folks around Lynchburg started asking for a tomato based sauce, so Earl's developed two. One, a sweet and spicy which goes well on the pulled pork, the other, a dipping and grilling sauce that compliments the flavor of ribs, chicken and brisket. 

But of course, when it comes to good eatin', there are no rules...just great tastin' meats and sauces. 

After 40 years of trial and perfection, we can be confident in proclaiming Earl's Carolina BBQ is truly "The Way barbecue's  Supposed to Taste!"

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If you are interested in bringing the original flavor of Carolina BBQ to your next event, festival, wedding or get together drop us a line and we'll get right back with you!

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We're located just outside Lynchburg, VA and can serve the Central and Southwest Virginia Region with our mobile food truck and catering.